Bypassing Static Antivirus With Ten Lines of Code

Overview I had originally set out to write a long winded blog post on different antivirus bypass techniques. I went through what was supposed to be step 1 of my guide and uploaded my binary to virustotal… and the binary got a 0/56 detection rate. I believe that most of my readers would agree that bypassing most antivirus based solutions is not that hard, however we don’t all have the same skillsets; some of us have been at this longer than others.

Providing More Value in Pen Test Reports (Part 1)

So, you’ve pwned all the things, you have the keys to the kingdom, and you’ve pilfered all the data. You’ve done a great job, and now you’re done right? Not so fast. I’ve been working in the offensive side of the infosec space for a while now, and I’ve seen a number of competitors’ reports come across my desk; some are very well put together while others are not so great.